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 Ascendant Agriculture in Arid Areas!

Our Mission is to Focus on Regenerative and Sustainable Practices

Creating an Informed Community including residential and small farmers with practical information to successfully grow in arid climates

What is “Ascendant Agriculture”?

We are passionate about helping to create a higher energy agriculture that generates the best in the cultivator, in Mother Earth and in the life form of the produce itself, most particularly in arid climates. Within this concept is found the best practices of regenerative and sustainable agriculture, among others. It employs all five senses during the creation process: observing, touching, tasting, smelling and even hearing. We become connected to creation and honor both the spirit and the science that results in the physical manifestation of the fruit, vegetable, etc. We connect to and respect all forms of life in the air, on the ground and below the surface that produce, protect and renew the essential elements of creation.

  • Honors the living, natural, organic process of growth cycles with as little artificial intervention as possible. It is the antithesis is industrial agriculture.

  • Reinforces the symbiotic relationship between cultivator and cultivated.

  • Replenishes the soil and leaves little to no carbon footprint

  • Conserves natural resources 

  • Promotes health, healing and the joy of creation

  • Uses carefully selected agronomic practices and technologies aligned with earth energy.

  • Sustains all healthy forms of life in the air, on the ground and below the surface.

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